By Your Side In Court And Throughout Your Criminal Matter

Experience And Commitment To Provide The Legal Representation You Deserve

Criminal charges do not make you or a loved one guilty. You have an opportunity to make your case and defend your rights and freedom. Trying to discuss or negotiate your case with the authorities or even going to court without an experienced and skilled legal advocate can lead to catastrophic consequences. You need an experienced lawyer to prepare your case, someone you trust unconditionally.

I am attorney Justin Surginer. I focus my professional career on defending the rights of individuals who face criminal accusations, regardless of their complexity. My goal is to provide you with the quality and committed legal representation you need and deserve to fight back against your charges.

Criminal law in Texas is one of the toughest in the country. With so much at stake, I will work vigorously at the Law Office of Justin T. Surginer to obtain the results you need to take back your life. Moreover, I will personally follow up on your case and remain available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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An Unwavering Fight To Deliver Life-Changing Results

After thoroughly analyzing the facts and circumstances that led to the criminal charges you now face, I will give my honest opinion about how I can help you. As we work together on your legal issue, you can be confident that you have a reliable ally in your corner.

I understand that criminal charges can lead to social stigma and losing opportunities to rebuild your life after a conviction. That is why I work relentlessly to get the result that will be the most beneficial according to your specific needs and case.

In my legal practice, I believe that an individual’s financial standing should not be an obstacle to obtaining the legal representation they deserve. As we discuss the next steps and strategies to address your case, I will also discuss my fees in detail, ensuring they remain at a reasonable price. I am ready to build your criminal defense case at the state and federal levels.

Time Might Be Against You To Build Your Defense

Early intervention in your case can make a significant difference in the results we could get. Contact my Houston office to schedule an appointment by calling 713-244-8414. You can also use my online form to send me an email.