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Standing Up For Your Rights In Accusations Involving Drug Charges

Crimes related to drugs have some of the harshest punishments in Texas. If you or a loved one currently faces drug charges, do not hesitate to hire a skilled criminal defense attorney. You will have to face an aggressive prosecutor and law enforcement officers who will do everything they can to convict you.

You might not fully know how your life could change after a conviction, but you need to know this: you have rights and need a zealous advocate to become your voice during your trial. From Law Office of Justin T. Surginer, I am ready to develop your defense, negotiate or go to court to fight for you. Since 2009, I have dedicated myself to providing zealous and knowledgeable criminal defense services to uphold my clients’ rights.

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My goal as your lawyer is to get you the best possible result.  As soon as I take your case, I will explain your options and analyze the evidence to see if we can get the case dismissed or discuss a plea with the prosecutor that will allow you to put this case behind you, without it effecting your future or good name.

A drug charge may be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on:

  • The type of drug involved. Drugs are divided into four penalty groups, of which group 1 includes those which may lead to the harshest penalties.
  • The amount of drugs you were in possession of at the time of the arrest. If, for example, you had 200 grams of the drug, you will face a second-degree felony, which could result in up to 20 years in prison.

A drug charge may escalate to a federal crime in cases of drug trafficking, depending on whether you traveled to another state while in possession of the drug. Other charges include manufacturing drugs and aggravations like manufacturing in the presence of a child or using children to sell or distribute drugs.

A conviction could take away your fundamental rights and prevent you from getting a job, a mortgage or even voting. You have a future and a reputation to protect. Let me assist you through this process to fight for different results.

Do Not Face Your Charges Alone

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